What does this mean?

Microsoft products typically have two different levels of support: full support and extended support.

Full support means that Microsoft develop and publish feature updates as well as security updates. Extended support means that the feature updates have been dropped, but security updates are still being developed and published. When a product leaves extended support, like Windows 2008 Server will in 2020, there are no updates at all.

How does this affect me?

If you have a Windows 2008 server, you will still be able to use your server, even after it has left extended support, however, the lack of security updates could leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Patching is a key aspect of the security updates and essentially fixes ‘holes’ or errors in the software. Unpatched software can be taken advantage of by viruses with a range of different outcomes: it could, amongst other things, access and record your data without you knowing, encrypt the server’s data for blackmailing purposes, or delete or corrupt your data.

If you’re using a 2008 Windows server – or a 2003 server – now is a great time to think about future-proofing your infrastructure. To do this, you might want to consider a number of different factors. For many businesses, the cost of a new infrastructure is key. As well as the actual costs, you should consider how long the infrastructure will last before you have to update again, and how much business could be lost from the downtime needed to set up and configure your new infrastructure.

Virtual infrastructures

Virtual Servers are a great option for many businesses and address many of the issues on-premise servers present.

The most obvious benefit of a Virtual Server is the payment model. Cloud based products and services work on a per monthly payment model. Rather than shelling out huge chunks of money upfront, you pay a small fee each month instead. This frees up your cashflow and makes investing in your infrastructure more accessible.

Cloud infrastructures can essentially last a lifetime. The physical server that the virtual server lives on is the responsibility of the datacentre. Further to this, any physical updates (physical disk replacement etc.) will not affect your virtual server; your server will keep ticking along regardless. This means that the downtime and the cost implications associated with updating physical servers is not an issue with a Cloud based infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructures also allow you to break out of the otherwise endless replacement cycle. All physical servers will eventually reach end of life. This means that you’re only investing in that product for a finite amount of time: your investment is limited by the product’s life cycle. This results in a continual cycle of replacement. Virtual Servers disrupt this cycle by allowing you to invest in a server that’s independent to, and therefore not limited by, the physical server it lives on.

Three months FREE!

In order to make Virtual Servers even more accessible, we are offering your first three months of a Virtual Server with us for free when you commit to a 2-year subscription. You will be able to build a custom machine that meets your requirements, stipulating how much CPU, RAM, and which OS etc. you'd like. This machine will then be yours free of charge for three whole months.

If you’re interested in this offer or would like any more information about Virtual Servers, please get in touch.


20 user hosted desktops

2016 OS
20x RDS CALs
4 cores
50 GB OS
Additional Storage @ £0.25 per GB

Monthly OS updates and monitoring included

Total of £480 + VAT

AD & File

2016 OS
2 cores
50 GB OS
Additional Storage @ £0.25 per GB

Monthly OS updates and monitoring included

Total of £175 + VAT

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