Managed Cloud and Hosted Infrastructure

Hosting your infrastructure in the Cloud provides you with an always on, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure. It works the same as a traditional on-premise server, but rather than being in your office, your server is hosted in secure UK datacentres.

We've partnered with Teledata, to provide you with the UK’s most resilient Virtual Private Servers with 100% uptime, reliability as well as built-in Disaster Recovery as standard.

The New Standard in Cloud

Forget about expensive disaster recovery plans. Shelve the complex, time consuming and resource draining overheads that come with building, testing and maintaining a costly, but vital secondary site.

With CloudActiv, all of this is taken care of for you. It’s a Cloud platform that features automatic DR — straight out of the box for free.

CloudActiv technology is available to all Cloud hosting products, right across the board at no extra charge. And you get all the headline benefits of Cloud hosting that you’d usually expect: on-demand, self-service, scalable resources, with a choice of deployment models.

The Cloud you've been waiting for

The CloudActiv platform affords you the protection of sub-millisecond replication for your data, apps and online assets across geographically separate, yet independently operable, enterprise Cloud environments. You’re covered from day one: there are no complex configuration routines and no lengthy invocation processes to be concerned about - instead, failover is automatic and instant.

Active-Active architectures eliminate the risk of downtime by making it possible for your online assets to be served from separate, synchronised hosting environments at any given time. So if one hosting location goes down, another instantly takes over and your resources remain up and running without any disruption.

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Cloud Hosting as it should be

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  • Premium Cloud Hosting with built-in DR
  • You're covered from day one
  • Failover is instant and automatic
  • Always on, scalable and cost effective
  • Eliminates the risk of downtime

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"An excellent company. We changed our hosted server (virtual machine) providers three times in three years because of poor service until we got on board with Risc IT Solutions, who deliver exactly what we need and provide great support. A smart business decision and we have committed to them for at least another two years".

Managing Director - Collingbourne Wealth Management



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