Supported through every stage of the process

With Windows 2008 Server, SBS Server, and Exchange 2010 Server all coming to end of life, upgrading from on-premise solutions to Azure VMs makes sense.

From initial consultancy, scoping and testing to deployment and optimisation, Risc handhold companies through every stage of the process ensuring they are familiar with variable costs if applicable, as well as best practice to balance usage with available cost savings (e.g. Azure RI and Hybrid Benefit).

Plan, Deploy, Optimise

As every business has its own unique set up and requirements, planning is vital to ensure that your solution is the perfect fit. Depending on performance requirements, data sovereignty and costs, we will advise on the best platform to host your server whether that be an entirely virtual setup, or a hybrid solution.

Where server build is concerned, we’ll guide you through the many different options for Azure VMs ensuring they are optimised for the workloads they run. With Risc Construct, commercial options are produced and Risc will highlight any cost savings (e.g. Hybrid Benefit or Azure Reserved Instances).

Once planned, Risc’s deployment team move into the proof of concept phase. Networks and resources are provisioned, the software is installed as required, sample data migration is loaded and end user testing commences.

During proof of concept our teams monitor the performance of network/IO/CPU/RAM to ensure all are within tolerance for the number of users. The final data migration and date for going live are coordinated to minimise disruption and to ensure a smooth transition.

Risc IT strive for continuous improvement across all processes and services. With Risc Construct we deliver this through regular assessments of your server environment in order to discuss resources and requirements, cost saving suggestions and actions, or areas to optimise performance.

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Shortly after submission one of our technical advisers will be in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

  • Expert advice from Cloud specialists.
  • Guidance through various options.
  • Proof of concept testing with performance monitoring.
  • Coordinated data migration for a smooth transition.
  • Regular server assessments for optimal performance

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Businesses are now reliant on the internet and Cloud solutions for working, and employees expect a level of freedom that wasn’t possible even 5 years ago. Whilst this invariably aids productivity, this level of flexibility brings about a unique set of risks.

To assist with this, we’ve designed four unique packages to address the different challenges that SMBs face. Whilst each element can be purchased separately, these packages provide a cost effective solution to fulfil crucial elements of IT, including Security, Communication, Infrastructure and Data Protection.

  • ISO 9001
  • ESET Gold Partner
  • CyberEssentials Plus
  • Teamslink Platinum Partner
  • Iasme
  • Microsoft Silver Partner
  • ISO 27001