To be able to provide you with the latest functionality we will be making some changes to the Redstor platform over the following months. Once completed this will allow you to use new functionality such as:

- Self-managing collections of backup accounts, create, move and delegate access to these for your customers
- Web based Control Centre
- Cloud to Cloud (Office 365) backup
- More regular monthly updates

The first of these will be a scheduled update of the Redstor platform to 19.7 which will be done on the 13th August.

What do I need to do?

There will be no changes to the backup agent at this point, but you will be prompted to upgrade the Storage Platform Console.

Plan for change

To allow this expansion of the backup platform we will be migrating to a new Tier 4 UK datacentre and bringing new storage mirror and account servers online.

Your current backup collections, groups, and backup accounts will be merged with these new Redstor storage servers.

For the majority of your customers, you will not need to make any changes. However, if they have outbound firewall rules preventing access to certain websites or IP addresses, then please ensure you add the new backup servers to allow backups to continue.