Latest Versions

Desktop & Laptop Edition: v18.10

Server Edition: v18.10

Enterprise Server Edition (ESE): v19.1

Storage Platform Console: v18.12

Enterprise Server Edition:

Encryption key check

Unsure what your encryption key is?

Easily verify it with the Check encryption key option built into the ESE client.

To do this, go to Tools > Options > Backup Account > Check encryption key

System Tray Enhancement

The system tray menu options Backup Now and Cancel Backup will be disabled when the Backup Client is set to prompt for a password on loading the user interface.

Hide System Tray

Need to prevent certain users from seeing the ESE system tray? No problem - restrict their access via a registry key.

Tray execution can be prohibited on a per-user basis by changing the following integer (DWORD) registry entry with a value of zero:


Performance Improvements – numerous files in a folder

Less memory usage whilst scanning a folder which holds numerous individual items.

Faster response when cancelling a backup of this folder type.

New System Restore Report

The new System Report functionality makes it possible to see the backup selection for any given date.

Specific date backup selection

To generate a report of a specific date's backup selection, select a backup point (date) on the Restore tab and click the report icon.

Backup system info as metadata

The system information from the time of the backup (OS, installed software, installed updates and hot fixes) can now be included as part of the backup selection, which aids the process of Full System Recovery.

To do this, go to Tools > Options > Advanced and enable Backup system info as metadata

To view the backed up information, run the System Report via the Restore.

Support for dynamic hostnames when restoring SQL databases

This gives you the ability to restore a SQL database even when the hostname of the relevant machine has changed, for example in a disaster recovery scenario.

Remote Access – Hostname added to title bar

When running multiple remote access sessions, it can be difficult to identify which accounts you are connected to only by viewing the status bar for each session.

To make identification easier, the account name is now added to the title bar which also assists when viewing the application in the Windows task bar.


New Look and Feel
InstantData now has a new look and feel.

Full System Restore of extended partitions

Extended partitions will appear on the disk configuration page along with the primary partition.

Logical partitions will appear at the bottom of the list of volumes.

Full System Restore directly into VMWare

To restore using VMware Hypervisor:

*Please note. Full System Recovery to a VMware hypervisor does not work with the vSphere ESXi free edition where a vCenter Server is not required:

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