What you will need to do

If you have the latest Storage Platform Console installed v18.6 it will prompt you to upgrade. Just click on the Install Update button the next time it loads.

Regarding your customers' backup software, you don't have to do anything as it will automatically upgrade to the latest version.

Enterprise Server Edition

SE to ESE conversion support for VSS SQL

The SQL selection will be retained and will continue with file patching after conversion.

Restoring of backups made in SE will only be possible on file level (i.e. will not show in SQL view in ESE).

Automatic service port selection

Before the Client service starts, it will check if its assigned port is in use. If not, it can start without any issues. However, if the port is in use, the Client service will assign itself a different port to ensure that it can start.

Prevent failed client updates

The Client updater has been improved to ensure that the service will successfully stop and start during the update process.

Metered connection support

The Client will detect if the user is on a metered data connection and a warning will be shown.

Scheduled backups will not run if a metered connection is detected, unless this is been enabled. To enable backups over a metered connection, go to Options > Communications > Connection.

Archive inclusion \ exclusion improvement

A browsing dialog has been added in Archiving Settings to simplify the inclusion and exclusion of folders.

Backup and restore your Hyper-V virtual machines on Windows Server 2012

Note: The Hyper-V view is only available on Windows Server 2012 when the Hyper-V role is installed.

Minimal folder structure option for restoring

This new option allows you to restore files into the fewest possible folders while still showing the relationships between the restored files.

If only a file is selected for restore, no folders are created,
e.g. E:\Data\ISO\Centosxx.iso restores as only the file Centosxx.iso.

If a folder is selected, that folder is always created,
e.g. E:\Data\ISO\ restores the folder ISO and everything in it.

If multiple folders/files in different folders are selected, folders are created up to (but excluding) the common parent,
e.g. E:\test.txt and E:\Data\ISO\Centosxx.iso restore to test.txt and Data\ISO\Centosxx.iso.

Enhanced script security

A compulsory location is now provided for new scripts.
Existing scripts remain in their current location for compatibility purposes.

Warning notification on Full System Backup of an ReFS volume

The backup of ReFS volumes has been supported from v18.7.
In the case of a restore from a Full System Backup, ReFS is converted to NTFS.
Whenever an ReFS volume is backed up, ESE will now alert you that the volume will be in a different format if it is restored using Full System Recovery.

Backup of Boot Configuration Database

We now use a windows tool (bcdedit.exe) to export the configuration and back up the exported files instead of trying to access the files directly, which can sometimes fail.

Restore workspace configuration

When reconnecting to an existing ESE account, the Account Wizard now offers the option to restore and apply the workspace from the last backup.

The workspace includes the backup selection, as well as all enabled feature settings at the time of backup, e.g. MS SQL, local copy, and throttle (i.e. the settings located in the JSON files).

Storage Platform

Convert ReFS volumes to NTFS during Full System Restore

In previous versions a ReFS volume will be skipped as it is not supported and required a workaround to restore
The ReFS volume will instead be converted to a NTFS volume and warning added to inform the user

Data checking improvements

When a backup account has an Integrity Check performed it no longer blocks the backups or restores during this Data Verification process.

More profiling options (only for ESE v18.8 and higher)

Default Inclusions for applications like Microsoft SQL

Disabling of Remote Access

For customers who want to restrict backup administrators from being able to modify backup selections or restore data, a group wide profile can be applied to block ESE Remote Access.

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