What do you have to do?

Absolutely nothing! The platform update will be pushed out automatically.

New Feature


  • Guaranteed to free up expensive primary storage space, saving you money and putting you in control of your data.
  • Saves disk usage costs by essentially tiering data from local high-cost storage to lower-cost Storage Platform storage.
  • Archived data is always available on demand.
  • Data redundancy is ensured before archiving occurs.
  • Safety features are in place to ensure normal operation of a computer with archived data.


Redstor Archiving

FSR - New Features

FSR from local copy

Massively cut down on restore time for your customers servers, as you can now restore from a local USB \ NAS drive backup to a virtual machine.

FSR exclude \ resize drives

When restoring a virtual machine, you want to get that server up and running quickly, but don’t need the drive containing your archive \ static data immediately. You can now exclude these drives from the restore process.

ESE - New Features

Operating System support

Windows 7 32bit
Windows 8 32bit
Windows 8.1 32bit
Windows 10 32bit
CentOS 7 32bit & 64bit

New Java 8

Improved speed for backups \ restores.
Underlying security improvements.

GUI updates

New icons.
Show file count whilst scanning.
Show files in Windows File Explorer.

SE to ESE conversion will start a backup as soon as it completes

Local index retention configurable

VSS Snapshot retries

32bit SE to ESE conversion

Restore speed improvements

Show files in File Explorer.

Redstor Show Files

SQL Offline database handling improvements (18.6)

By default, offline database files will be kept in the backup selection. This can be changed to remove offline databases and files from the backup.

SQl Offline Databases

Default restore path =C:\Restore

Bug fixes

New System Tray app - This has been a complete re-write of the System Tray icon and no longer needs admin permission.

SE - New Features

SE to ESE conversion 32bit support

D&L - New Features

D&L to ESE 32bit + 64bit conversion

Contact Us

If you’d like to upgrade any SE or D&L accounts to ESE to get all the benefits of the new ESE agent, then please contact our support team who will be able to assist with this.