Redstor Archiving

Redstor Archiving works as a long-term data storage solution yet allows easy access to the data when needed.

Backup administrators can select files to be archived after a certain time period. Data identified is then replaced with a stub file (a shortcut, with the file still existing on the backup server and mirror server).

The stubbed file will appear in the original location with the same name, properties, etc. only the file size will be much smaller when a user is browsing files. If a user wants to access the data, the file will be pulled down from the backup storage and transparently rehydrated from the archive allowing immediate access.

Optimal User Experience

Once Redstor’s archiving technology is deployed, the user experience is unchanged. Archived files are replaced on primary storage with stub files. When interacting with these files, they open for users as if they were stored on local disk. In the background however, archived files are streamed from Redstor’s platform rather than being opened from primary storage.

Reduce storage costs

Storing data that has never, or may never, be accessed on expensive tier one disks increases costs. Redstor Pro helps you to reduce costs by automating the transfer of data to more financially efficient storage of your choice, be that local media, the public Cloud, or Redstor’s datacentres.

Increase efficiency and reduce risk

Redstor Pro can be deployed in wide ranging environments, providing you with a single pane to view, manage, and protect all of your data regardless of where its stored or what its stored on.

Secure your data and meet compliance requirements

Redstor Pro allows you to secure, catalogue, and retain all, or a subset, of your data through archiving policies helping you to meet data retention and security requirements.

Guaranteed data sovereignty

With the arrival of GDPR, data protection, sovereignty and security are more important than ever. Redstor’s data management platform is delivered from the UK with data hosted only in Redstor’s highly secure datacentres, which are supported from the UK.

Predictable Pricing

We believe it’s important that our customers know exactly what their bill will be each month. That’s why our cost for archiving is a simple cost per gigabyte. There are no hidden fees or bandwidth costs, so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

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Business downtime is over! So too are high storage costs, siloed data, and difficult access. Backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, search and insight, and data migration can now all be managed through a single control centre, on any device.

Redstor Data Management

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