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Risc IT Solutions are a Microsoft Gold Partner, managing over 22,000 seats across the United Kingdom. We take pride in being trusted advisers and providing the right solutions at the most efficient price possible.

Many companies fall foul of lazy licensing; being charged for features most users don't need. At Risc IT we deploy Office 365 licences based on individual requirements meaning companies only pay for what they need.

We see examples like the one below all the time. A company came to us paying for 300 E3 licences when only 50 users really needed all the features. Does this look familiar?

Example optimisation - £1554 Monthly Saving

Company with 300 x E3 Office 365 Licences = £5280

Upon investigation, we discovered that only 50 users needed E3 due to accessing a terminal server. The company also needed the facility to send encrypted emails and wanted to have litigation hold on 20 of the non E3 users.

250x Business Premium = £2350
50x E3 = £880
300x Azure Information Protection (Email Encryption) = £450
20x Exchange Archive (Litigation Hold) = £46

£5280 to £3726 = £1554 per month SAVING

15 minutes and we will save you money

Optimise your licences today and use that budget elsewhere

Why spend money on licences you're not making use of? In just 15 minutes our expert advisers can tell you how we can save you money and free up budget to use elsewhere.

The process of migrating your Office 365 licences is quick and easy. You'll have access to 24x7 UK based technical support as well as a dedicated account manager.


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Office 365 Licence Optimisation

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  • Expert Advice from Microsoft Gold Partners
  • Analysis of what Departments, Teams, and Individuals use
  • Only pay for the Licences individuals need
  • Eradicate Lazy Licensing
  • Save Monthly costs
  • Simple no fuss migration to the right plans
  • Inclusive 24/7 Support

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What do the plans consist of?

Office 365 plans are split into two core groups: Business and Enterprise. These plans are designed to suit a wide variety of business needs. You can mix and match all elements as they can be purchased separately as well.

See below to understand what's included in Office 365, to compare Office 365 with Microsoft 365, and to understand the individual components which are the building blocks of all the plans.

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