SkyKick Office 365 Backup

Data loss happens, even in the Cloud. People delete data - mostly accidentally, sometimes intentionally. 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content, and 32% of companies will experience a data loss event. That means that even in the Cloud, you can spend a lot of time getting back on track. Without a Cloud Backup solution for Office 365, your company is missing a fundamental piece of data protection to complement native Office 365 features.

Getting customers back on track is costly

The cost of recovering an entire folder or mailbox can be unpredictable. Between lost productivity and IT costs, a single recovery can be more expensive than an entire year of a backup solution.

SkyKick Cloud Backup technology works together with native Office 365 features to help you protect Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive business data.

Features and Benefits

Easy Setup

Nothing to install
Auto-discovery of content
Option to automatically add new users/content

Unlimited Backup & Retention for Fixed Price

Unlimited storage
Up to 6 snapshots daily
Unlimited or flexible data retention
Bring own Azure or choose Azure geo-location

Rapid Search & One-Click Restore

Rapid, robust search and sort capabilities
One click restores data right back where it was
Simplified handling of version restores
No file overwrites
Permissions respected

Easy to manage

Single pane of glass to manage subscriptions
Self-Service access for customer
Unlimited, free, consultative support

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All in one Data Backup

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  • Backup Desktops, Laptops and Servers
  • Backup Exchange Online and Teams
  • Backup SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Easy set up
  • Rapid Restore using InstantData
  • Easy to manage

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