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Microsoft 365 is a suite of services from Microsoft that includes access to Office applications plus other productivity services that will increase productivity, simplify IT management, and safeguard your business. These services are Cloud-based meaning that they ‘live’ in the Cloud (a Microsoft datacentre) and you access them via an internet connection.

Microsoft 365 has many different plans to choose from, each suitable for different types and sizes of business. The plans include services such as Hosted Email with Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office.

Microsoft 365 is more than just these services though; with the likes of Azure Information Protection, email encryption, and Mobile Device Management, Microsoft 365 is a complete package that presents staff with the freedom they desire alongside security features to keep that freedom secure. Microsoft 365 is continuously upgraded and improved remotely and at no extra cost to you.

Communication and Storage

Having a workforce that’s based in multiple locations and across multiple devices demands tools that allow successful communication.

Outlook, Teams and Yammer all aid communication, whilst OneDrive and SharePoint allow storage and collaboration. OneDrive provides a storage space per user and SharePoint allows company-wide access to documents and real-time collaboration with colleagues.

SharePoint works behind the scenes of Teams, a group-oriented communication space that allows the sharing of documents and links. Teams has developed into the heart of Microsoft 365: it’s a central hub for everyone to communicate and work from. Both external and Microsoft apps can be accessed through Teams, allowing you to keep everything you need in one easy access, easy-to-use space.

Outlook is the email platform that we’re all familiar with. Powered by Cloud-based Exchange Online, Outlook offers email, shared calendars, and security features on any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

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Your staff need to work efficiently; after all, the use of technology is designed to aid easy working, not hinder it.

The Office Suite is an integral part of Microsoft 365's efficiency tools. There are two types available: local apps and web apps. The Office apps can be downloaded on up to 5 PCs/Macs, Tablets, and Phones. As they're downloaded onto your device, they're accessible anywhere at any time and allow offline work. The web app versions are only accessible via a web browser, so can be accessed on any device, anywhere with an internet connection. The web apps are a ‘condensed’ version, so do not have the full functionality that’s available in the downloadable apps.

Power Automate allows you to connect your different apps through automation. For example, you might automate a notification every time a colleague modifies a SharePoint document that you’ve authored. Power Automate can be used in hundreds of unique ways to aid all aspects of your work. Similarly, Power Apps allows you to create low-code apps that solve your business challenges enabling greater efficiency.

Project allows the easy management of all aspects of projects from start to finish, all in one place. Visio allows you to create advanced diagrams and flowcharts. Gain a deeper understanding and aid growth by viewing and analysing different data sources in insightful ways with Power BI. Bookings is an easy way for people inside and outside of your company to view your availability and book time with you, so you can focus on the meeting rather than organising the meeting.

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Security and Control

With freedom comes more risk. Microsoft excels at providing security solutions to ensure that working freely also means working more securely. Advanced Threat Analytics works to create user profiles in order to monitor behaviour – it protects against cyberattacks and threats by recognising behaviour outside of these normal patterns.

Microsoft Endpoint Management allows administrators to manage users’ devices – employee and business owned – by enforcing policies and conditions before access to company data is granted. It also keeps work and personal apps separate so there’s no business data misuse and, equally, no invasion of personal apps.

For email security, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 scans attachments and links in emails to see if they’re malicious and denies access if they are. Azure Information Protection allows users to classify and label emails and documents so that they don’t get into the wrong hands, protecting your business information.

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External Add-ons

There are two products in particular that work hand in hand with Microsoft 365 but are not from Microsoft.

Cloud Backup from Redstor allows you to backup and restore your Microsoft 365 data with total ease, adding an additional layer of security to your OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Teams data.

TeamsLink from Wavenet enhances Teams’ telephony functionality with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade phone system which is fully-managed and hosted on Wavenet’s servers. It also has the option of call recording allowing you to capture and record all communications and interactions within Teams for true peace of mind and easy compliance management.

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A Solution to Suit You

Microsoft 365 has many different plans available each with different combinations of tools and features. All plans can be mixed and matched, meaning that your users will have access to the tools and features they need for their role.

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Microsoft 365

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  • Ensure sensitive documents are only seen by intended recipients
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  • Non-invasive management of company devices
  • Remote wipe devices if they're lost or stolen
  • Single Sign-on across all Microsoft apps
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  • Increase productivity, simplify management and safeguard your business

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