What is IASME?

The Information Assurance for Small & Medium sized Enterprises (IASME) was launched in 2011 following its development to fill the gap in the security standard landscape for SMEs.

The standard offers a framework that incorporates a wider range of disciplines than Cyber Essentials and is now being seen as an alternative for businesses to adopt in order to comply with supply chain requirements.

The IASME standard offers an on-going assurance through the policies and processes and a well-structured security provision beyond the risks associated with Cyber Threats alone.

The benefits of the IASME standard will appeal to any business or organisation that stores, and needs to protect, valuable and/or sensitive data.


Risc IT Solutions consultants are an IASME licenced Certification Body who can assess organisations against the IASME Governance standard. This standard – which is based on international best practice – utilises a risk-based approach to assess a company’s information security, and includes aspects such as staff awareness, security policies and the technical controls which underpin these.

The IASME Governance certification is seen as a realistic alternative to ISO27001 for many SMEs, and was recently recognised as the best cyber security standard by the UK Government after consultation with industry groups. The Cyber Essentials assessment is included as part of the IASME Governance certification.

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  • Wider range of disciplines than Cyber Essentials
  • Comply with supply chain requirements
  • On-going assurance
  • Perfect for any business that stores or protects sensitive data
  • An alternative to ISO27001
  • Recognised as the Best Cyber Security Standard by the UK Government

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