The Business Benefits

There are many reasons why businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud. These include increased flexibility, scalability, collaboration, security, and changing from upfront to monthly payments.

Business uses

You can utilise our hosted virtual servers to address a number of business requirements;

  • Move physical servers to the Cloud at server end of life.
  • Host line of business applications securely for ease and speed of remote access.
  • Remote Desktop Services - safeguard company data by users accessing a hosted desktop.
  • Rapid provision of services.
  • Data centre connectivity for file access, uptime and resiliancy.
Hosted Servers

Why Move to the Cloud?

Opex not Capex Model

Running your own servers means buying hardware. This cost can be spread over the server’s life, but it still involves paying for them up front. This money could be invested elsewhere within the business. An operational rather than a capital model for expenditure makes business sense.

Optimised hardware & Scalability

Having servers lying idle at non-peak times leads to unnecessary expense. Cloud computing ensures costs are more balanced over peak and non-peak times. With scalability on a shared server infrastructure you’re not paying for un-used capacity. 

Staff resource allocation

Moving to the Cloud frees up the time IT staff spend on maintaining and monitoring hardware, checking backups etc. as the responsibility shifts to the Cloud Service Provider. This leaves staff in a better position to concentrate on tasks that drive your business forward.

A Cloud to fit your business needs

There are a number of Cloud solutions available depending on your business: Public Cloud for non-sensitive and/or unpredictable workloads; Private Cloud for mission-critical and security conscious operations; or a Hybrid Cloud combining the best of both worlds, even including your traditional environment.

Business Continuity

If your servers are Hosted Virtual Servers (i.e. they're offsite in a datacentre) you don't need to worry about Server Hardware failures, as a Virtual Machine will not have any physical points of failure. The beauty of the Cloud is that you consume the resources you need with 100% uptime. In the event of a disaster, your business (in terms of your IT systems) can continue as normal.

Flexibility / Scalability

As you grow, your cloud services can grow with you; Cloud is often referred to as 'elastic computing'. There’s flexibility to scale up and down according to demand, all the time only paying for what you are using.


Your own employees are the most likely source of a security lapse. If your information is in the Cloud, you can access it regardless of what happens to the machine it's stored on.

Better business focus

For SME's Cloud provides immediate low-cost access to a huge range of computer and network resources. For Enterprises, the Cloud enables you to drive down costs, increase operational efficiency and meet complex permanent or development hosting requirements. 

Managed Cloud and Hosted Infrastructure

Our Datacentres

Our Datacentre Partners have evolved to become one of Europe’s largest providers of managed Cloud and hosted infrastructure services with 6 UK offices, 10 UK datacentres, 30,000 hosted servers, 15 petabytes of Data and 300,000 mailboxes.

  • Managed Private Cloud/PaaS/IaaS
  • Managed Public/Hybrid Cloud
  • Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Backup and Storage
  • Managed Cloud Productivity (Microsoft Desktop, Email and Storage)

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Independent Advice from Cloud Experts

Fully Qualified and Experienced Teams

From strategy, pre-sales technical support, support teams and account managers, our team is fully experienced and qualified to work with you to completely understand your requirements and develop the perfect solution for your business.

Secure and Accredited Infrastructure

Our datacentre infrastructure meets the rigorous requirements for ISO20000, 27001 and 9001 accreditations.

Web Accessed Management Portal

Have overall control of the management and configuration of your services at your fingertips with our Cloud control panel.

Complete Peace of Mind

Our Cloud environment has some of the best SLAs available including a 100% up-time guarantee.

Straightforward Billing

Configure your servers to exactly meet your requirements. Predictable and transparent billing gives you better control of your budgets.

24/7 Support

Our datacentres are manned around the clock to ensure our services are running in peak condition at all times, with dedicated account managers and 24/7 support.

What they say

"An excellent company. We changed our hosted server (virtual machine) providers three times in three years because of poor service until we got on board with RISC IT in 2016, who deliver exactly what we need and provide great support. A smart business decision and we have committed to them for at least another two years".

Managing Director - Collingbourne Wealth Management


Datacentre Accreditations

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Code of Conduct
  • Carbon Trust
  • Green Grid
  • ISO 9001