What to expect in this month's Newsletter

Firstly, thank you to everyone who completed the Partner Survey. This was invaluable to us as a business and will form the direction of content we'll provide for you for the next six months.

This month's newsletter will be a bit more back-office focused, featuring financial tips and tricks from our Head of Finance Paul Sturges, company information, a bit of housekeeping we need to do together, and Bruce's roundup of tech news. Hope you have a great month.

Keep your Eye on the Money

Let's get straight to it shall we.... let's talk finance. Specifically the tricky topic of chasing clients for money, which none of us likes to do! To help, in this short video, Paul Sturges gives his opinion on the matter and offers advice on how to get your customers to pay on time.

A bit of Housekeeping

As you may have heard we’re actively recruiting new members of the tech team. Over the next few months you'll notice new voices at the end of the phone (once we've put them through our rigorous training programme).

So we can better support you, we're rolling out a new triage system which will allow your customers problems to be directed to the correct level of technical support member, based on the severity of the case and the technical expertise required.

This will help us respond better when raising a support ticket, and it'll help you as you'll know when you can get a response.

Important information

Once again the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) has been updated. In order to process customer orders for Microsoft products after 31st January 2020, you'll need confirmation that your customers agree to the latest MCA terms and conditions.

You should have received a personalised link to your updated spreadsheet earlier this week.

If you haven't received a link to your MCA spreadsheet, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information regarding the update click below:

Bruce's Foresight

From a technical point of view there's always a few vital bits of knowledge to be gained. To save you the time, every month we'll share these with you, so you're up to date with what you need to be up to date with. Here's the best of the month from Bruce.

Bruce's foresight - February

What's new with Microsoft 365? (February Edition)

Several new releases and capabilities to help you stay ahead of threats and increase workplace productivity.

Find out more: CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: Microsoft enforcing default security within Office 365

IMPORTANT: Microsoft have started rolling out security defaults within Office 365 tenancies.

Find out more: CLICK HERE

Azure AD Conditional Access benefits

Why you should make Azure AD Conditional Access the front door to your on-premises and cloud apps.

Find out more: CLICK HERE

Partner Survey results

Thanks once again to everyone who completed the Partner Survey. For a snapshot of the results and to see where we'll be supporting you in the oncoming months, click the link below.

Partner Survey results

  • ISO 9001
  • ESET Gold Partner
  • CyberEssentials Plus
  • Teamslink Platinum Partner
  • Iasme
  • Microsoft Silver Partner
  • ISO 27001