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Whether you are planning a migration to the Cloud, deploying new technology within your business, rolling out SharePoint, or developing an application to handle specific business functions, it is important to ensure that the delivery of the project is in line with your overall commercial goals. Our IT Strategy Consultants work with organisations of all sizes to help them plan and execute projects more effectively.

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IT Strategy

How can technology help your business grow? Do you find your existing IT infrastructure isn’t meeting your needs and not working towards your business objectives? Our IT Strategy takes a holistic view of your business, your existing IT, and your future requirements to build a sustainable IT Strategy and Roadmap for your business.

Cloud Roadmap

If Office 365 and Azure sound perfect for your business and you’d like to plan a phased way to start utilising these services, our free Cloud roadmap is the best way to get started. Based on discussions with your company, we’ll identify the key services and build a document showing priorities, timelines and budget costs to get to the Cloud.

Stuck IT Projects

IT Projects can have a major impact on your business and can cost vast amounts of wasted money and resources if they aren't managed properly. We help companies take full ownership of the project and company vision to ensure success.

Digital Transformation

Looking to leverage the latest technologies and transform your organisation and how you interact with all your staff, customers and suppliers? We can help your organisation make sense of all the new technology using our client base to show how other organisations are utilising this technology and put together a roadmap for implementation.

Security and Compliance

Major changes are happening in the IT world, and more advanced and sophisticated attacks are a major threat to your business. A key part of our IT consulting service is to help implement best practices to ensure your business aligns to new regulations and secure your business from these modern attacks.

Software and Infrastructure Evaluation

We can provide a holistic evaluation of your systems software and infrastructure, and provide guidance on any actions you may need to take to ensure resilience and growth, as well as ensuring you have the best value from your providers.

Fractional IT Director

If your organisation is suffering from stuck projects, lack of IT direction, employee management issues or rapid growth, but you do not require a full time IT Director, then Risc IT Solutions can provide Fractional IT directors. They will provide their wealth of knowledge for a fraction of the cost.

Supplier Analysis & Management

IT Supplier selection can be a huge challenge for organisations. Select the wrong one and your business can take a huge step backward. Select the right one and real transformation can happen in your organisation. We’ve worked with many companies that have held off on making major project decisions incase they select the wrong supplier. We can help select and manage suppliers with our vigorous analysis & selection process.

Taking the Right Approach

When you first engage with us, we will arrange a full workshop where we will take the time to understand your project goals. Within this process, we will also investigate what the implications are for staff and other stakeholders. This holistic approach to IT Strategy means that we gain a more comprehensive picture of what the challenges are for you and your project.

With a full understanding of your requirements, we will work with you to formulate the execution stage of the work. We’ll take into account any barriers to change that may be present, and ensure that these are addressed in the delivery of the project. Our IT Strategy consultants are experienced in providing advice across multiple disciplines including Cloud adoption, SharePoint, and more specific projects such as migrating to Office 365 Email from legacy systems.

This experience means that we are ideally placed to deliver against your goals. We provide you with the reassurance that you need through expertise and service excellence.

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