A Short Statement on Compliance

Life is short, so let's not make it longer. Yes we have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy. Yes we adhere to them - they're there if you really want to read them or need to prove to someone that you have chosen an ethical, security conscious supplier.

So the short version:

I'm Bruce Laing, the Head of Operations for Risc IT Solutions and I know more about GDPR than is healthy. This allows me to confidently write that Risc IT Solutions store your personal details as needed and no more, as we always have, securely. We restrict access to only those employees who need access, ensure your details are encrypted and shared only with those external companies we use to provide you services, such as Microsoft. And as for backup, we have 15+ years of experience, so yes we've got your data safe.

If you need more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions below, as well as a list of our suppliers and their compliance statements.

Website Compliance

For Risc IT Solutions Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions click on the links below

Certification Documents

Services We Supply

For all Services we supply we are the data Processor with the exception of Redstor which we are both Controller and Processor.

Please click on the links below to be redirected to the relevant suppliers' Privacy Policy. We will endeavour to update these as and when available and in accordance with our suppliers' websites.

End User Licence Agreements