15 January 2020
Cloud Servers

As of yesterday, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7 OS are out of support. This means that they are now no longer receiving security patches and updates.

Continuing to operate on these will leave you open to cyberattacks, threatening the security of your organisation. You will also start to see incompatibility issues between your OS and software (Microsoft and third party) quite simply because software won’t be built for an outdated OS.

It’s not the end of the world – we can still help!

As the products are already out of support you no longer have time to prepare your replacements fully, so you’re now limited on your options. At some point you will have to upgrade your OS or Server – with Windows 7 you can do this simply by calling us – but if you’re not yet ready you can buy further security updates for both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server.

Windows 7

Windows 7 OS has Extended Security Updates available. These updates will provide you with further security patches, keeping your out of date OS secure. They’re paid for on an annual basis per calendar year and will buy you time to organise a long-term replacement. The Extended Security Updates are designed to be a temporary measure with a price increase year on year and a total end in 2023.

Windows 2008 Server

Similarly to the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, the Windows 2008 Server has an extended support programme. This allows you to receive three years of further security updates when you migrate your 2008 Server into Azure. From a user point of view your server will work exactly the same, but will be operating from the Cloud rather than on-premise.

There are a number of different discounts available to reduce the cost of the Azure Virtual Server that you’ll migrate to, including Azure Reserved Instances and Hybrid Benefit which can save you up to 80% compared to Azure pay as you go. Don’t worry - we can talk you through these specifically in relation to your business.

You need to act NOW

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you can put off, you need to act now. Where Windows 2008 Server is concerned, the quickest way to be secure again is to take out Extended Support. For Windows 7 we’d recommend upgrading now, but if you have business critical third party software then we’d advise taking out Extended Security Updates until you’ve got a suitable long-term solution in place. To take out Extended Support or Extended Security Updates call us on 01492 862780 or email

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