22 May 2020
Cloud Backup

As our nation – and the world – adopts and adapts to home working, we’ve become much more dependent on the Cloud. Anywhere access has become essential for businesses, and thankfully Cloud based solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Virtual Machines have enabled this.

Maintaining security during this time is vital, and whilst the Cloud has provided us all with the means to continue to work seamlessly outside the office, it’s not completely infallible. Human error still accounts for over 70% of all errors. Let’s face it, during this period there are often distractions which wouldn’t normally be there, so having the ability to restore accidentally deleted data is essential.

Another common issue we’ve seen is that individuals are having to use old or ageing laptops. Whilst working from home, it’s usual to save files on your local machine or perhaps you’ve downloaded files off your server knowing you’re going to work on them. If you’re pushing your hard drive to capacity it won’t be long before you’re calling your IT department complaining about the speed of your machine.

Don’t worry though, there is a solution – it’s a product we wholeheartedly recommend and is perfect for all the above. Redstor has multiple functions which can not only keep you secure but can also save you money.

Let’s take a further look at this.

Whilst working from home, it’s important to Backup your machines as well as your Cloud services such as Microsoft 365, because without Backup you cannot restore files should something happen when they are deleted. Redstor not only backs up your physical machines – laptops, PCs (and business Servers) – but also your Cloud based Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange data. Backing this up provides you with an additional layer of security and ensures that if you do fall victim to a phishing email or an accidental deletion, then you can restore and recover your data easily.

What about that ageing machine? Well, this is where Redstor Archiving comes in. When we think of archiving, we normally think of libraries of disks of ancient data gathering dust which has little relevance to the modern workplace. This isn’t the case. Redstor Archiving allows you to shrink the files which you need to keep but you don’t access frequently. This means that you can free up that overworked hard disk which will breathe new life into your laptop.

How does this work? Well, you select which files you want to archive (for example anything that hasn’t been used for 30 days), and Redstor stores the files on their servers, replacing the file on your machine with a stub file. The stub file represents the original data but takes up almost no disk space and, from a user perspective, behaves in exactly the same way as the original. When you want to open the stub, Redstor pulls the data back down to your machine and rehydrates the file using their InstantData technology, which allows immediate and effortless access. Once the file has been used, you can either choose to keep the file hydrated on your machine or archive it once again to save space.

That’s not all. If you are currently accessing physical servers in your office via VPN, but your business wants to move to a Virtual Infrastructure, then Redstor can save you a significant amount on your monthly hosting costs. Essentially, you’d back up your physical server using Redstor, archive the important but stagnant data, and then build your Virtual Machine based on what you need to operate rather than historical storage, which will save you money on the cost your Virtual Machines.

Remember, at Risc IT we’re not interested in selling you a product then ghosting you. We’re here to help: it’s written in our company values and it’s why we include 24/7 inclusive support from our experts with all of our products.

If you’d like any more information on the above or would like a chat about making homeworking work for you, please get in touch.

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