2 April 2020
Office 365, Microsoft 365, Unified Comms

By Mark Lawton - Business Development Director

Working on the go, from multiple locations, on multiple devices has, recently, become essential for businesses. Doing this means staff need tools to enable them to work effectively, in a focussed and efficient manner, from home or wherever they are in the world. This means that Microsoft Teams is becoming more and more relevant, and brings a whole host of features and benefits for your business. Here’s just five of them:

1. Work with the productivity tools you know and love

From a day to day working perspective, a major aspect of Microsoft Teams is that you can ‘live’ within it. It’s a single hub that brings all your tools together into one space keeping you focussed and productive. You’ll have access to the productivity suite you work with every day, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as the ability to collaborate with your colleagues with real time editing. Planning activities is simple and effective through Planner, meaning you can organise your own workload, or a colleague can assign ongoing tasks or give you a task with a deadline.

2. Customise your workspace

You choose how to create and organise your Teams: you might have a Team for a specific project, or as we do, have Teams for each department. Each Team can also contain channels meaning you can separate areas of focus. For example, you could separate the Marketing Team into General, Website, and Social channels.

Should any one of your colleagues add or comment on something you’ll get a notification. If you’re busy focussing on something else, you can choose to hide notifications on a particular channel until you’re free.

Each channel can be customised with the tools that are relevant to that Team, and don’t forget that Teams integrates with hundreds of external apps as well including SalesForce, GitHub, and MailChimp. Your workspace can be customised perfectly to suit yours and your teams’ needs.

3. Communicate quickly and efficiently

Teams allows you to IM with everyone in a channel, a small group, or individuals with ease. Telephony functionality is integrated meaning you can audio and video call with individuals or groups within a Team, as well as host meetings with up to 250 participants (internal and external). You can also share your screen, make notes, and use apps so you can work together seamlessly.

4. Work from anywhere, on any device

Teams can be accessed on any device, either through a web browser or the app. This enables you to work anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection. I often switch between the mobile app and a laptop, and there’s absolutely no loss of functionality. All changes are synced allowing seamless work across devices and locations for everyone, and ensures you won’t lose your work, or have different versions on different devices. What’s also great is that If you don’t have internet connection, you can still use the Teams app offline with the changes synced once you have internet again.

5. Work securely

The extensive security features of Office 365 are integrated into Teams meaning that you can always work safely. Auditing allows admins to see which actions were performed by who and when they were performed. For example, admins can see who has deleted channels, added or removed users, and changed settings. Enforced organisation-wide two-factor authentication adds additional security and ensures that your data is only accessed by those who should be accessing it. Your Teams’ data is encrypted during transit and at rest in Microsoft datacentres keeping it safe from intrusion.

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