8 April 2020
Office 365, Microsoft 365, Unified Comms

We’re currently living in a unique time: as Covid-19 spreads across the globe, organisations are being forced to operate from multiple different locations with staff working from inside their homes. Employees do not need to be dealing with system incompatibilities, tech frustrations, or downtime. Ensuring everyone can work efficiently is a challenge, and one that is being faced much sooner than expected for many businesses.

Microsoft Teams is one comprehensive platform to enable and simplify communication. It has taken Skype for business, Office apps, and SharePoint and merged them into one tool, smoothing out some of the hiccups home working presents.

One Space for Everything

Teams is a complete communication hub – its native features include chatroom style messaging, voice and video chats, and file storage. Organisations can create different Teams and subdivide these into channels to ensure all interactions are organised and clear.

As well as communicating to the different Teams and channels, users can also message individuals or selected groups of individuals. This isn’t limited to internal communications either – you can add external users to your Teams allowing easy communication across organisations.

Integrating completely with SharePoint, users can access files within Teams and work on them in the same window through the Office apps, ensuring a smooth and productive working experience.

As well as its native features, Teams integrates with hundreds of external apps including GitHub, MailChimp, and Salesforce, allowing Teams to customise their workspaces to suit them so they can be the most productive.

Seamless Working

As Teams is Cloud based, everything is accessible across multiple devices meaning you can work seamlessly. Work from the same hub on your PC, mobile, tablet or any other device, anywhere with internet connection. You’ll always be in sync and accessing the latest versions of files, allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues and clients effectively.

Total Security

Microsoft Teams has the same high level of security that Microsoft carry across all their products and services. As well as Microsoft’s industry leading compliance standards, all Teams data is encrypted during transit and at rest in Microsoft datacentres, keeping your data private.

Additionally, organisation-wide two-factor authentication is enforced, adding a further layer of security. Single sign-on means that users only need one set of login credentials to access all Microsoft services making access from any device easy without compromising on security.

Auditing is another key aspect of Teams’ security. It allows you to retrospectively see who performed which actions and when including creating and deleting teams and channels, adding and removing users from Teams, changing settings, and adding and removing apps.


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