28 April 2020
Cloud Backup, Office 365 Backup

From one-man bands to the largest of enterprises – companies have begun adopting increased security measures, due to the evolution of Remote and Hybrid working.

Backing up you companies data is essential but often one area is overlooked. If your organisation uses Office 365, either exclusively or in a hybrid environment, you’re going to need to back it up sooner rather than later to ensure protection. Redstor’s data management solution allows you to manage, backup, and restore your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online data.

Here are five reasons why you need Redstor’s Office 365 Backup

1. Deleting a file isn’t a big deal.

Deletion happens both intentionally and unintentionally. In Office 365, when a SharePoint or OneDrive file is deleted, it can be recovered for up to 90 days after the deletion. After this time, the files will be unrecoverable.

You may think that this is manageable, but we’ve come across numerous instances where important files stored in folders for future use have been deleted without the user knowing. Unfortunately, after 90 days, they’re lost.

Office 365 is also unable to distinguish between genuine deletion, accidental deletion, and malicious deletion (by a disgruntled employee or malware) – it treats everything the same. The only way to ensure you can recover deleted files – whether they’re deleted intentionally or unintentionally – is by having a third-party business grade backup system for you to restore from.

2. Your data will be safe if you experience a cyberattack.

No organisation is immune to cyberattacks – being Cloud-based doesn’t make you invincible. Staff can easily click a malicious link in an email – particularly if they haven’t been educated about cyberattacks, or if the correct Microsoft security features aren’t in place. Having a separate copy of your data with Redstor’s data management solution will mean that you will always have that data available to you, even if the original is corrupted or deleted.

3. Customisable Retention

Redstor allows you to tailor your retention policy to suit you and your business needs. From a standard 60-day retention right through to 7 years and longer, Redstor allows you to recover your data straight back to Office 365.

You can also customise how often, when, and which data from your estate you want to backup – so, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Exchange – allowing you to tailor Redstor to suit your organisation’s needs.

4. Managing data becomes easy.

Using Redstor means that you have a unified and automated data management strategy in place. You’ll know what Office 365 data you have and where it lives, and can rest assured that it’ll be recoverable if something happens – you’ll have total peace of mind.

5. We’re on hand to help you out.

Support from our in-house technical experts is included so if you have any issues, we can sort them for you. As well as access to our tech team, you’ll have a dedicated account manager on hand to help who will continue to work with you and ensure that you’re getting the best from your Redstor Solution.

All in one Data Backup

Shortly after submission one of our technical advisers will be in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

  • Backup Desktops, Laptops and Servers
  • Backup Exchange Online and Teams
  • Backup SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Easy set up
  • Rapid Restore using InstantData
  • Easy to manage

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