30 October 2019
Office 365, Microsoft 365

Doing business today often means working from anywhere on any device with ease. Unfortunately doing this exposes your business data to more risk due to unprotected devices accessing your network, the loss of important files and even lost or stolen devices.

EM+S is a complete security package and contains five different products. Together, these allow you to have complete security and control of your data and devices.

1 - Azure Active Directory

Managing the authentication of your users, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is an important security layer ensuring that the right people are accessing the right things. Sign in attempts that are outside the normal use pattern, or that don’t meet certain preset criteria, require a second method of authentication or are blocked. Single Sign-on ensures that users only need one set of login credentials to access all their Microsoft apps, so ease of use is maintained alongside stringent security measures.

2 - Microsoft Intune

Enabling effective device management, Intune allows users to work securely on their enrolled devices regardless of whether they’re business or employee owned, all without being intrusive. Operating two completely different ecosystems keeps business data secure by ensuring that it cannot be copied into a personal app for example. Device management is easy for administrators through the management portal. Administrators are able to remotely wipe devices that are lost or stolen ensuring total security.

3 - Azure Information Protection

Keep track of the documents that are sent outside of your organisation and rescind access easily if you need to. Documents can be classified and labelled so they’re only available to certain individuals – you might label a document ‘Finance’ so only members of the finance team can access it. Document encryption ensures that your business data is unreadable if intercepted, and the do not forward functionality means that your information is only available to the recipients you choose.

4 - Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Understand the ways in which your organisation is threatened in order to gain business intelligence insights. Track all log in attempts, devices in which business data is accessed etc. and create reports using this data. This allows you to see which areas of your infrastructure are targeted by which types of attacks, so you can understand how your protection is working, and how it can be improved.

5 - Cloud App Security

Apply the same level of control that you have over your Microsoft applications to your external applications – even those that you didn’t explicitly know you were using. Identify the apps that are on your network, analyse their associated risk, and control your data and app usage based on that analysis. You can also block app access or limit app use based on certain conditions and, in a similar way to Advanced Threat Analytics, you can collate information to help identify unusual behaviour.

Consistent and Reliable Security

EM+S (Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security) is a suite of products from Microsoft that provides organisations with the ability to protect their business from security threats. Employees have the freedom to work outside the office whilst ensuring data is kept secure.

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