18 September 2019
Cloud Backup

As the amount of information that we’re capturing increases year on year, constraints on data storage have never been higher and timescales for reaching storage capacity are decreasing dramatically.

Add to this the ever-growing need for increased data security and round the clock data access, it’s clear that archiving data to physical media, transporting that media offsite and storing it for long periods in a dusty vault, is no longer fit for purpose.

The time has come to ditch legacy technologies such as magnetic tape and expensive, clunky archiving solutions and swap them for simple, scalable, and instantly accessible Cloud archiving.

Redstor is disrupting the world of data management, with a solution that covers three areas of data management and protection: Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery.

When you archive files of any size (including databases) with Redstor, a tiny stub file is left behind on primary storage. This stub represents the original data but consumes almost zero disk space.

When one of these stubs is opened by a user or application, InstantData™ rehydrates the portion of the file that is accessed, serving the file or database up immediately, on demand, and effortlessly to the user or application.

Simple to use

Redstor benefits from an easy to use centralised management console, so choosing which files and folders you want to archive is simple.

Administrators can also automate the process in a variety of ways – files that have not been accessed for 60 days for example. When the files meet the set criteria, a stub file (or shortcut) is created and the file is moved from the primary storage space to Redstor’s servers, ready for instant access as and when you need.

Better value for your money

Storing important but redundant data on Primary storage takes up valuable disk space. Archiving gives you greater on-disk storage capacity meaning you won’t have to replace drives or add additional disk arrays to your servers.

Also, should you be considering moving your infrastructure to the Cloud, archiving data prior to the move will dramatically reduce your quantity of data, overall storage amount and therefore your monthly costs.

Why Redstor Archiving

  • Extend the life of your expensive hardware assets and delay purchasing more primary storage to cope with your data growth.
  • Copies of your data are held offsite in multiple locations, and the service is fully automated with audit trails and reporting included.
  • No need for end user training because the user experience remains completely unchanged. Archiving is centrally managed via policies created by your IT team.
  • Archived data can be streamed instantly and on demand from the Cloud using our InstantData™ technology.
  • Fully automated and policy-driven, Redstor seamlessly archives data that meets specified criteria, giving you complete control of what’s archived and when, and liberating your IT team to focus on more strategic priorities.

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What they say

"We often have document management requests to retrieve data from our archive, and only the other week I restored data from 3 years ago. With Redstor it was as simple as drag and drop. With tape, that data would have been unrecoverable."

Marc Toovey, Technical Manager at Boyes Turner.