8 November 2019
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Windows 2008 Server reaches end of life in January 2020 meaning that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, making you vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In January 2020 Windows 2008 Server will reach end of life with Microsoft. Simply put this means that if you have a 2008 Server you won’t receive updates and therefore you’ll be vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, what does this mean? Well there are a few options available to you (click here) but in our opinion the most sensible is to move your infrastructure to the Cloud.

When moving to the Cloud, you or your Cloud Solutions Provider will scope out how much data you have and build the Virtual Machine with the right spec to accommodate your needs.

Prior to migration a sensible cost saving exercise is to archive your stagnant data – files which you need to keep but you don’t need to access frequently. To do this we recommend Redstor, a 3-in-1 solution which provides Archiving, Backup, and Disaster Recovery.

After selecting which files to archive (for example anything that hasn’t been used for 30 days), Redstor replaces the file with a stub file. The stub file represents the original data but consumes almost no disk space and, from a user perspective, behaves in exactly the same way as the original. When a user opens the stub, Redstor rehydrates the file using their InstantData™ technology, allowing immediate and effortless access.

Once the file has been used you can either choose to keep the file hydrated or archive it once again to save space on your primary storage.

Redstor is simple to use with a single pane of glass management console meaning you’ll know exactly how much data is held and where your data is held at all times.

For any more information on Windows 2008 Server End of Life, Azure Virtual Servers, Redstor, and how they can work together to save you money, please get in touch.

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