26 June 2019
Cloud Servers

Historically, the expense and unpredictable pricing of Virtual Servers has meant that they are out of reach for many SMBs. Microsoft have recently changed the game; by introducing two discounts on Azure Virtual Servers for SMBs, Azure Virtual Servers are now a viable option for many businesses. These discounts provide two main benefits that are exclusive to Azure Virtual Servers: huge discounts, and predictable and stable pricing.

Huge Discounts

Azure are offering up to 60% discount to companies with an Azure Reserved Instance (Azure RI). Customers reserve their machine for 12- or 36- months at a time; committing to this gives you the discount.

A further discount called Hybrid Benefit is also available. Previously, this discount was only available to larger businesses that had Volume Licensing with Software Assurance. SMBs can now receive these discounts by buying their server licences through Risc IT Solutions. Buying these licences gives you up to 80% discount compared to pay as you go (PAYG).

Predictable and Stable Pricing

Paying for your virtual server upfront through Azure RI means that the payment is predictable and done and dusted. This makes budgeting for your machine easy and is ideal for those customers that need the stability a predictable payment provides.*

Of course, price isn’t the only aspect to consider; Azure Virtual Servers have many other additional benefits too.


The upfront payment model does not mean that you have to compromise on scalability. You can scale up permanently – simply increase your virtual server specs and you’ll pay the remaining months’ cost – or temporarily – keep your RI the same and use Azure PAYG in addition to your RI. Azure RI isn’t designed to be as flexible as Azure PAYG, but it has a level of flexibility that you simply can’t achieve with an on-premises server.


We always recommend using Azure PAYG for a month or two first to ensure you find the right virtual server. Once you’re happy the machine is right for your business, you can transfer to a Reserved Instance with Hybrid Benefit and receive the huge discounts. This trial and error period is simply not achievable with an on-premise server.

*NOVEMBER UPDATE: Microsoft have very recently made a change to the payment method of Azure Reserved Instances allowing monthly payment in addition to upfront payment. This makes Azure Virtual Servers even more affordable for SMBs!

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