17 October 2018
Cloud Backup

Redstor Pro is a complete Data Management Solution comprising Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Archiving. It allows you to protect, manage, and recover your data in minutes with complete ease.

When a file is backed up, it lives in three different places: the original location (primary storage), the backup server, and the mirror server (the backup’s backup).

The main purpose of archiving is to reduce your primary storage space, making your server more efficient. Archiving means that selected files will live only on the backup and mirror server meaning that the storage space can be reused.

Simple to use

Redstor Pro benefits from an easy to use centralised management console, so choosing which files and folders you want to backup and archive is simple to do.

Administrators choose a time period for archiving – files that have not been accessed for 60 days for example. When the files meet this criteria, a stub file (or shortcut) is created and the file is moved from the primary storage space to the backup and mirror servers.

When access is required, it will be pulled down from the backup server allowing immediate access. Files will then remain on the primary storage until it meets the criteria for archiving again (i.e it has not been accessed for 60 days in this example).

Better value for your money

Freeing up space on your primary storage saves you money because the disk space can be reused.

If, for example, you had an on-premise server that was running close to capacity, you would likely have to buy a new server or insert extra disks (if you’re able to) to continue using it. With archiving, your files would no longer live on the primary storage allowing the space to be reused. Archiving allows you to store more files without paying for extra primary storage space.

The archiving functionality is available to all Redstor Pro ESE users. To get going you need to select which data you want to archive and a time period.

If you’d like any more information about Redstor Pro or the archiving functionality, please click below or give us a call.

Intelligent Cloud Backup

Redstor Backup Pro Archiving is simple, scalable, and accessible. Avoid the need to archive data to unreliable tape or add more expensive tier one storage due to data growth.

Shortly after submission one of our technical advisers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Eliminate delays in access to archived data
  • Minimise archiving management overheads
  • Improve archiving durability and reliability
  • No need for user training

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