27 February 2018
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Doing business today often means working from anywhere on any device with ease. Unfortunately, doing this exposes your business data to more risk, simply because there’s more ways to access it. With the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite (EM+S) from Microsoft, your business is protected through a combination of five different products which together provide a complete security package.

What is EM+S made up of?

EM+S is made up of five different products: Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and Microsoft Cloud App Security. These five products allow you to have complete security and control of your data and devices.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is an identity management product providing ‘single sign-on’ functionality for users, meaning that you only have one set of login credentials, and more importantly only one password to remember.

There are also a couple of useful security features that come as part of the Azure Active Directory too. Multifactor Authentication requires you to have a second form of verification before allowing you to log in, adding an extra layer of security, whilst Conditional Access allows you to block attempted sign ins based on certain factors, and prevent access as necessary.

Microsoft Intune

Intune is Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management software. It enables users to link devices to their Active Directory profile, allowing complete access to work data without intruding on personal devices. The single console allows easy device management and also enables the removal of all business data if a device is lost or stolen. A notable security feature is the complete separation of the personal and work ecosystems. For example, a user can’t copy business information into a personal app.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection allows you to control the data that you send outside of your organisation. It enables users to classify documents easily without interrupting work, track where their documents have been sent and who has accessed them, as well as rescind permissions. Users can also choose how to manage their encryption keys.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Advanced Threat Analytics is real-time security monitoring. EM+S logs all login attempts, all devices, all users etc.. Advanced Threat Analytics brings these together to create reports that identify the patterns of suspicious behaviour. With this data, you’re able to see which areas of your infrastructure are targeted by which types of attacks etc. This is invaluable information if you’ve suffered a data breach, or if you simply want to make your IT systems more secure.

Cloud App Security

Cloud App Security applies the same level of control that you have over your Microsoft applications to your external applications – even those that you didn’t explicitly know you were using. Cloud App Security enables you to identify the apps that are on your network, analyse their associated risk, and control your data and app usage based on that analysis. You can also block app access or limit app use based on certain conditions, and in a similar way to Advanced Threat Analytics, you can collate information to help identify unusual behaviour.

How can I buy EM+S?

EM+S can be bought as a standalone add-on for all Office 365 plans and comes in two varieties; EM+S E3 and EM+S E5. It also comes as standard within the Microsoft 365 plans.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

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  • Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android and Windows
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  • Centrally manage single sign-on across devices.
  • Comprehensive protection against today's advanced threats

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