4 October 2018
Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery

Redstor Pro is a complete Data Management Solution comprising Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Archiving. A single product that allows you to protect, manage, and recover your data in minutes with complete ease.


Redstor Pro backs up your data, so that in a data loss scenario you can get back to business quickly and easily. Choose which files and folders you want to backup and how often. The backups are then stored offsite in our secure datacentre and mirrored to our secondary datacentre for additional security.

With Backup Pro’s InstantData functionality, restoring your files is easy. The restoration is prioritised by your actions, so the files you want to access now will be restored instantly, whilst a full restore takes place in the background. This ensures you can continue to work with minimal interruption.

Disaster Recovery

To ensure efficient recovery in a disaster scenario, Redstor Pro backs up server and individual machines’ data. This includes settings, configurations, files, and everything else too, all with minimal disruption.

Redstor Pro’s Full System Recovery function ensures restoration of data from physical and virtual servers to the Cloud or an on-premise server (providing it runs a hypervisor) with ease.

Full System Recovery works in two stages: restoration of enough to boot your server, followed by everything else using InstantData. Just like backup, InstantData prioritises restoration by your actions, so the files you need to access now will be restored first. This results in minimal interruption and downtime.


Archiving allows you to reduce your primary storage amounts, saving you money. Selected files will live only on the backup and mirror server, not on the primary storage. When access is required, InstantData allows files to be pulled back down onto your primary storage, meaning documents can be accessed regardless of whether they are archived or not.

Redstor Pro Benefits

As a unified data management solution, administrators receive a unified view of all users’ accounts and can schedule automated reports.

All data is encrypted at all points of the process – at source, in transit, and at rest in our datacentres. A secure encryption key is provided to every backup account. Your data is only accessible with your encryption key, so nobody (not even our staff) has access to your data.

With Redstor Pro you have a predictable monthly cost, whilst all the time only paying for what you use: no nasty surprises and none of the upfront costs associated with on-premise backup solutions.

If you’d like any more information about Redstor or have questions about how it can work for your business, please fill in the form below or give us a call.