8 November 2018
Microsoft 365

Microsoft have recognised that to succeed in today’s workplace employees need to be empowered with the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. To safeguard against the inevitable security risks collaborating outside of the company firewall brings, Microsoft have curated a complete productivity and security package: Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 combines the familiar Cloud productivity suite (Office 365), with a robust security package (Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S)), as well as their latest platform, Windows 10.

Complete security

Security is at the heart of Microsoft 365. The five elements of the EM+S Suite, for example, address all the issues that working outside of the company firewall and on the go may bring, from Mobile Device Management and Single Sign-on to ensuring emails can only be read by intended recipients. Office 365 has a range of security features built into it – particularly for email – and Windows 10 ensures that your OS is completely secure and can defend against malware and cyberattacks.

Together, the Microsoft 365 package ensures that you and your employees can work from anywhere without the high levels of security impeding productivity. Your staff will be working securely and protecting business data without even realising it.


Office 365, as we all know, is intuitive and easy to use. This level of usability is extended into all aspects of Microsoft 365. By its very nature, a unified solution promotes usability because all aspects of the solution integrate seamlessly with each other. Problems can be solved quickly by contacting our support team, who can help with all aspects of Microsoft 365, saving time and effort.

Easy management

Usability for end users is crucial, however this shouldn’t mean administrators have to sacrifice the granular levels of detail that they require either. Microsoft 365’s management portal makes granular detail easy and it doesn’t impact the end user. As an example, administrators can audit users’ behaviours to see how they interact with the solution. They might also choose to run message trace which means they have full visibility of where messages have been sent and who they’ve been viewed by. This level of detail provides valuable insights into how staff are using the solution, allowing administrators to respond to this information appropriately.

Work anywhere

Microsoft 365 allows employees to work from anywhere on any device. The per-user rather than per-device licensing means that the full Microsoft 365 suite can be accessed across all the devices that employees use in their daily work life. The solution is available via web access too meaning that staff can access their documents, emails, calendars etc via any device with an internet connection. EM+S defines what that user can and can’t access and works to detect whether these requests are genuine and, of course, block ingenuine access requests.

Value for money

Microsoft 365 works on a monthly subscription basis – you pay one cost per user, per month. This payment model means you won’t be overinvesting in on-premise systems, and you can add and cancel subscriptions easily, so you’re only paying for what you’re using.

Free eBook

Download our free Microsoft 365 eBook today. Gain valuable insights into how to provide the right technology so your employees can work safely where, when, and how they want - whilst ensuring your business and data is secured.

Please note: As of April 21st 2020, Office 365 plans for SMBs have adopted the Microsoft 365 brand name. In practice, this means:

Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic;

Office 365 Business Premium is now Microsoft 365 Business Standard;

Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium; and,

Office 365 Business AND Office 365 ProPlus are now Microsoft 365 Apps (for Business, and for Enterprise, respectively).

There are no changes to the cost or features in the plans as yet.