16 November 2018
Office 365, Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the latest package from Microsoft. Built on (and containing) Office 365, Microsoft 365 has the addition of Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) and Windows 10. A complete package to manage your devices, productivity and security.

1. Consistency across devices

The per-user, rather than per-device, licensing means that you and your employees can carry a complete set of tools across all your work devices. Accessing emails and documents will be without syncing issues meaning you can work on the same document across multiple devices with ease. EM+S contains 5 products that together ensure that working outside the company firewall is as secure as working inside it.

2. Unity

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of three products that work together as one, unified solution: one system to increase productivity, ensure security, and manage your operating systems. This enables consistently high levels of security across your entire network and all devices.

3. Complete security

The EM+S Suite maintains security across all devices in all locations, Windows 10 protects from Malware, and Office 365 allows the auditing of users’ behaviour. You and your employees will be working securely as standard, without sacrificing usability and productivity.

4. Simple administration

Administrators can ensure the right levels of protection are maintained across the entire organisation and are able to easily audit users’ behaviour. Remote wiping of devices is also available ensuring that business information is always protected if devices are lost or stolen.

5. Flexibility and scalability

The monthly payment model means that you have one predictable per user per month bill. Adding, cancelling and upgrading licences is easy to do and means that you’ll only ever pay for what you need at the time.

Why Risc IT?

Here at Risc IT Solutions, we pride ourselves on our first-class, personable support. Buying your Microsoft 365 licences through us means that you have access to 24x7 UK based support with your own account manager to advise on your business, licences and needs. From pre-sales advice through to technical support, we’re help to help you every step of the way.

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