21 May 2018
Office 365 Backup

We all know that backing up your physical machines is essential but many businesses that move to Office 365 do not realise that they need to backup their Cloud-based data. The Cloud might not be subject to the same physical threats as servers and laptops, but it is subject to the same human threats. Surprisingly 32% of companies lose data in the Cloud, 75% of this is due to human error.

Office 365 protection gaps

Whilst Office 365 has some great security features, in terms of data loss it has a few gaps. Most notably is the Office 365 Email 14-day retention period. When emails are deleted, they are sent to the recycle bin and are permanently deleted after 14 days. Admin users are also able to easily, permanently delete data from SharePoint and OneDrive. Intentional data loss is a threat as well – Ransomware can make data unrecoverable without backup.

These protection gaps can cause permanent data loss, so in the same way as you need to backup the data from your physical machines, you also need to backup your Cloud-based data too. For this we recommend SkyKick Cloud Backup which has some smart and intuitive features that bring many business benefits.

Easy setup

SkyKick Cloud Backup is easy to setup and saves time. There is no software to install, no hardware to buy, and no manual data input. The auto-discovery feature means that you can enter one staff member’s details and SkyKick will be able to pull all the rest of the data from their account. Similarly, there is an option to automatically update new users. This takes the manual work out of setting up the service, so there’s minimal effect on your productivity.

Unlimited Backup and Retention

For one set price SkyKick Cloud Backup enables you to backup up to 6 times a day with unlimited storage. You can keep your backups for an unlimited time period, or you can choose to automatically delete them after a certain amount of time. This can help with compliance retention issues.

One-Click Restore

SkyKick Cloud Backup has a simple one-click restore capability. Its rapid search is intuitive and robust, enabling you to find the data that you want to restore quickly and easily. The data is restored right back to its previous state in the same place with all the same permissions, so you don’t need to worry about organising, updating or resetting your restored data.

Easy to manage

From a management perspective you can manage all of your accounts from the same place. The intuitive interface is easy to use, making it suitable for all ability users. Users have access to the usual excellent customer support from Risc IT Solutions, or they can raise a ticket with SkyKick directly, providing flexibility.

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