2 May 2018
Office 365 Backup

Organisations are adopting Cloud-based services now more than ever before. Our reliance on Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint in particular for day to day business operations means that backing up this Cloud-based data is now as important as backing up your physical machines.

SkyKick Cloud Backup provides total security for your Office 365 data, enabling easy restoration of your valuable information in an event of data loss.

Data loss in the Cloud

Contrary to popular belief data loss can still happen in the Cloud. It may not be subject to the same physical threats (fires, theft, etc.), but it is still subject to accidental error.

Accidental error is the biggest known cause of data loss. Within SharePoint and OneDrive, files deleted by administrators are unrecoverable. Files deleted by non-admin users are sent to the Recycle Bin before being permanently deleted after 186 days. For restoration of these files it will take a day or two at best, resulting in business downtime and unknown costs. At its worst, the data could be lost permanently with immeasurable damage to your business.

Similarly, conditions can be set so that your Office 365 emails are automatically deleted. These conditions might apply to emails that you didn’t initially expect and would be permanently deleted after 30 days. Entire mailboxes can be deleted by users rendering it completely unrecoverable.

SkyKick Cloud Backup takes the worry out of accidental error. With data restoration taking a matter of minutes, you’ll be back up and running in no time providing you with total peace of mind.

What can I backup?

With SkyKick you’re able to backup your SharePoint and OneDrive data, and your Exchange Mailbox. All the data in these areas are backed up; there’s no need to spend time selecting files and folders. It’s worth noting that despite being accessible by multiple different users, your SharePoint will only be backed up once. So, if the SharePoint can be accessed by 25 staff members for example, it would only be backed up once, not 25 times, saving time and resources.

What will it cost?

SkyKick Cloud Backup offers unlimited Office 365 backup for just one small monthly cost. You’re able to backup up to 6 times a day with unlimited retention allowing you to keep everything forever. An unlimited retention period means that, if it’s important for your business, you’re able to meet your legal and compliance retention requirements with ease.

Simple to set up and restore

SkyKick’s setup process is simple and does not require any new hardware or software. The instant one-click restore is quick and simple too. Office 365 is smart, SkyKick makes it smarter.