8 October 2018
Microsoft 365, Risc News

Microsoft are now offering to manage organisations’ devices for them. This brand new service, called Microsoft Managed Desktop or MMD, allows businesses to manage multiple devices more easily for a set monthly fee.

What is it?

Microsoft will provide you with pre-configured Windows 10 devices and device management including first-line support, regular patching, and feature updates. In addition to PCs and support, Enterprise users will also get Microsoft 365 Enterprise comprising Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite and Windows 10. This elevates Microsoft Managed Desktop to a complete Enterprise-grade Desktop as a Service, computing package.

The devices that are provided by Microsoft will be under warranty. Enterprises will also have hardware replacement every three years, so end of life downtime and sluggishness caused by age will be not be an issue for these corporations.

There is a big focus on insights and analytics. Through management of your devices, Microsoft will be able to provide operational and security insights to help you consistently learn and improve.

What are the benefits?

MMD reduces the work of the IT team allowing them to develop other areas of their setup. It also makes managing multiple devices easier – pre-configured devices, automatic feature updates and patching, and first-line support would all be managed by Microsoft. This is a huge benefit for much larger corporations who find coordinating updates and dealing with issues to be a logistical nightmare!

MMD means that businesses are guaranteed new hardware every three years and won’t have to shell out upfront costs for it. The costs associated with the continual hardware replacement cycle would no longer be an issue. The predictable, monthly cost – the same as what we see with Office 365 for example – would free up cashflow and allow businesses to invest elsewhere.

How do I get it?

This brand new offering is available in the UK now. Even though it’s early days, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re interested in this service.

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