31 July 2018
Office 365

Microsoft have recently launched the Office 365 Business Centre. The Business Centre is designed for ease of use and specifically with smaller organisations in mind. The Business Centre Apps come as part of the Office 365 Business Premium Plan. This means that users can stay on top of their businesses without huge investments; you can effectively work entirely using the elements of your Business Premium plan.

The Business Centre provides you with five apps and a dashboard to manage them all from. The dashboard allows you to easily access all your business centre apps and see what they’re doing for your business. You can also manage who in your workforce has access to the apps – you can grant access to all your staff, selected staff, or just you.


Connections is an easy-to-use marketing tool that allows you to send emails to your customers. You can send out newsletters and campaigns to groups of users, as well as track what is and isn’t working successfully. Seeing which email campaigns are most successful allows you to understand what’s resonating with your customers so you can tailor your campaigns and win more business.

Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager allows you to keep all your client information in one secure place. Your emails, tasks, deals, and meetings will automatically be organised saving you time. You can clearly see outstanding tasks and emails, and you can receive reminders to ensure the most important business tasks are at the forefront of your mind. Outlook Customer Manager also allows you to track and share customer information, so all your staff are on the same page and can deliver a consistent experience.

Microsoft Listings

Keep your information up to date and consistent across multiple different sites. Listings allows you to update your information in your business profile, and it will automatically be updated in Google, Bing, and Facebook. As well as ensuring consistency, Listings provides a dashboard that allows you to keep track of reviews, so you can understand customer feedback.

Microsoft Bookings

Customers can easily schedule time with you through Bookings. Providing flexibility and convenience, users can easily book time with members of staff and they’ll receive an email confirmation and calendar invitation. They can also reschedule or cancel if necessary. You and your staff will receive appointment confirmations, cancellations, and reminders as well, so everyone is always up to date.

Microsoft Invoicing

Pre-designed, customisable templates make professional invoices easy to create. You can easily track your payments, seeing which payments are paid, pending, and overdue. There’s the option to add a PayPal link so you can accept credit and debit cards online as well.


MileIQ is a mileage tracking tool that allows you to automatically track your mileage. Journeys can be categorised into business or personal. You’re able to set your work hours so journeys within those hours will be automatically classified as business, and similarly, journeys outside those hours are automatically classified as personal. You can re-classify journeys as well, so you can always claim expenses with complete accuracy.

As mentioned, the Business Centre is available with the Office 365 Business Premium plan – it is worth noting that it is only available with this plan. However, Microsoft Bookings can be enabled on other plans as well.

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