1 November 2018
Office 365, Microsoft 365, EMS

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) is a comprehensive solution that helps manage and protect users, their devices, apps and data. Designed for a mobile, Cloud-based workforce, EM+S will keep your documents and workspace safe regardless of where they’re being accessed from.

Safe working, anywhere

The features of EM+S enable remote working from any device with an internet connection, regardless of whether it is business or employee owned. Microsoft Intune is a complete mobile device management solution. It allows users to access everything they need for work without intruding into their personal devices. Intune can also allow the remote wipe of devices, so even if it’s lost or stolen, your business information won’t be.

Easy working (Single-sign on)

Whilst security is of utmost importance, your employees still need to be able to work effectively; EM+S does not impede on your employees’ productivity. Azure Active Directory provides a ‘single sign-on’ functionality for users. Users only have one set of login credentials, meaning accessing apps is quick and easy.

Granular levels of customisation

A huge benefit of EM+S is that it recognises that one solution does not fit all. It provides the ability to customise your security measures and decide what you need to keep your business safe. As an example, Azure Information Protection allows you to customise who is in which user groups and which groups can access which documents and emails. You might create a HR group with only HR staff in, or a management group with only department managers in. Confidently share information with the necessary groups, without worrying about your information getting into the wrong (internal or external) hands.

Integrated solution

EM+S is an integrated solution – all the products integrate with each other and with your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 solution. There’s no need to manage different products for different aspects of your solution. Further to this, your licences will be deployed and managed by one team. There’s no need to liaise with different organisations if you need help.

Monthly payment model

EM+S is made up of five different elements. Buying these elements as a package is considerably cheaper than buying them individually, and is much easier to deploy. The monthly payment model also means that you have no upfront costs, and your solution is scalable and flexible.

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Consistent and Reliable Security

EM+S (Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security) is a suite of products from Microsoft that provides organisations with the ability to protect their business from security threats. Employees have the freedom to work outside the office whilst ensuring data is kept secure.

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