10 August 2018
Office 365

Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) delivers unparalleled security whilst having minimal impact on your productivity. Continuously evolving threats are a major risk. With ATP your business has multiple safeguards in place to protect you from these ever-evolving threats, keeping your email and data secure. Find out about the main ATP features below.

URL Detonation

This feature detects malicious activity by scanning users’ URL links for malicious activity. When a URL link is received in an email, ATP will automatically run reputation checks. If these highlight a malicious link, the user would receive a notification warning them not to open the link. The scans are very fast, but if the user clicks before the scan is complete, they will be notified that a scan is taking place.

Safe Links Policy

This feature works in tandem with URL detonation; it’s a policy that allows administrators to monitor users’ clicks. Admins can see which staff members bypass the security notices and click the malicious links. This information is useful as it can allow administrators to focus their training on the necessary staff members.

Safe Attachments

In a similar fashion to URL Detonation, Safe Attachments scans all email attachments for malicious behaviour. Real-time behavioural analysis detects malicious attachments before automatically detonating them. Genuine attachments are left untouched and appear as normal.

Dynamic Delivery

This feature is the outcome of Microsoft’s continuous efforts to reduce scanning times. The scans are not only faster than ever, but users are able to open and respond to emails during the scanning process meaning there’s no impact on users’ productivity. As with URL detonation, the scans are quick, but if a user does click a link during the scanning process, they will be notified about the scan. If the attachment is found to malicious it will be filtered out and the user won’t be able to open it. Attachments that aren’t found to be malicious will be reattached and can be accessed as normal.


ATP is available as an add-on to most Office 365 plans for an additional cost. If you’d like any more information about ATP or Office 365, please fill in the form below or give us a call.

Office 365

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