18 October 2017
Cloud Backup

All good IT managers understand the importance of protecting business-critical data from both external and internal threats. However, what separates the good IT managers from the great is their ability to employ data protection strategies. This includes backing up and protecting vital data whilst ensuring the performance of your network is not adversely affected by the process.

While there are different types of backup available, incremental backup (as used in Redstor Online Backup Pro) is a proven solution to handle sizeable and complex data environments.

How do Incremental Backups work?

Firstly, after selecting your data, a full backup is sent to the backup platform. Thereafter the process scans the data set, compares it to the full data backup on the platform, then only transfers the data that has changed from each file. During the incremental backup process three types of data are identified:

  • Changed data (files that are present in the full backup that have changed)
  • New data (files that are not present in the full backup on the platform that need to be added to the backup set)
  • Deleted data (data that is present in the full backup that has been removed from the live data set).

This saves valuable time and storage space as you no longer transfer duplicate data copies to the backup platform.

What are the benefits of employing Incremental Backups?

A vital part of the data protection strategy should be a solid disaster recovery plan. This should be built taking into account the amount of data that can be lost, and an adequate recovery time for the restoration of data in the event of an incident causing data loss.

These parameters are established by determining both a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The RPO is the point that data can be restored from whilst the RTO is the amount of time set aside to recover data in the event of a disaster.

For example, a small retail business might be able to afford losing a day’s worth of work. Because of this they might choose to backup once a day. Therefore, the RPO will be once a day. They might also be able to afford their system being down for 6 hours in the event of a disaster, meaning that their RTO is 6 hours. The smaller the RPO and RTO are, the more expensive the service will be.

As many organisations operate off applications that change continuously throughout the day, it is often critical to run multiple backups throughout the day. Incremental backups offer this flexibility by employing data compression and patching techniques that allow multiple backups without over-extending the load on the physical machine or the organisation’s network. This allows day-to-day operations of the organisation to continue unhindered while ensuring that new critical data is recoverable.

Make use of incremental backup techniques to ensure business continuity

Redstor Online Backup Pro has been designed to offer complete data protection by combining incremental backup techniques with a host of benefits. Intelligent patching techniques and de-duplication methods ensure that the smallest transfers are sent to the backup platform, saving both valuable time and storage space.

Make incremental backup part of your data protection strategy through Redstor Online Backup Pro.

Redstor Backup Pro

Risc IT's Online Backup and Restore solution Redstor Backup Pro delivers next generation intelligent data backup and instant data recovery to protect your business.

Backup critical data from workstations and servers, across physical and virtual platforms, to a secure off-site UK datacentre, while giving backup administrators full control of all processes.

  • Data encrypted at source, in transit and at rest in our data centres.
  • Choice of 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES and 448-bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Only you have access to the encryption key.
  • Instant data recovery in the event of a disaster

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  • Automatic up-to-the-minute backup scheduling
  • UK-based datacentres
  • Inclusive UK-based 24/7 technical support
  • Single interface central user management
  • Fully scalable and flexible
  • Data encrypted at source, in transit and at rest
  • Only you have access to the encryption key

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Please note:For the last 18 years our backup service, Clunk Click Online Pro, has been powered by the Redstor platform. However, going forward, Risc IT will be adopting the Redstor Backup Pro brand name. Don’t worry – it’s the same product, just with a different name.