27 September 2017
Risc News

I’ve been at Risc IT Solutions as a Copywriter and Marketing Assistant for just over three months now – how time flies! I’m very happy to say that I have passed my probation period and am now a fully-fledged member of the team.

Joining Risc was an exciting but nerve-wracking time for me – not only was it my first job, but I was working in an industry that I didn’t know much about as well. One thing I’ve had to do in this role is change my mindset. I could get 70% on a piece of work at University and I’d still achieve a first-class grade. In business you only have a 2% margin of error, so now I aim for 100% in fulfilling the briefs given.

My learning curve has been nearly vertical and it’s very satisfying now to think back to my first day when I learnt what the Cloud was. I’ve learnt so much over the last 3 months about the different products that we provide and the value of them. It’s very important to me that my job has a wider impact in communicating this to the business community. My role here definitely does that – cyberattacks are increasing as a major threat to all sizes of companies from one-man bands to the world’s most powerful organisations. It’s my job to let people know about that and help them learn what they can do to protect their data and business. I don’t think people realise the severity and full extent of cyberattacks and the threat they pose to businesses.

So far, the best part of my job has to be working with my colleagues. Everybody is really friendly and is always happy to help. There’s a great atmosphere in the office and we all work really well together. Jamie Keddie, Head of Marketing and PR and my manager, has been particularly helpful. He has so much patience and, not without some hard work on my part, is the main reason why my writing has improved so much. He’s also encouraged me to gain some qualifications – this means that I’m not only learning in the role but outside the job role too. I love learning so this is great news!

I feel very fortunate to have landed my dream job straight after university. I hope to be with this company for a long time and look forward to contributing to the company’s success. With the recent launch of our Marketing as a Service division, there’s huge growth potential. As we expand, I look forward to the possibility of managing a whole team of copywriters that will produce lots more content for both us and our Marketing as a Service clients.

As part of the Accelerated Growth Program, Risc have hired three new staff members so far. We’re continuing our growth by expanding our product range and services too. It’s such an exciting time for us and I’m really looking forward to the future.

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