5 December 2017
Cloud Backup

When looking for a Cloud Backup provider it’s essential to understand the security measures, costs, and reliability of their systems. Here at RISC IT Solutions we offer Clunk Click Online Pro, our very own combined Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. We thought we’d share the 9 most common questions we get asked with our answers and explanations.

1. Is the service reliable?

Yes - RISC IT Solutions have been in business for over 15 years and we were the first company to provide Cloud Backup in Wales. We also notify all customers with confirmation of their backup state on a daily basis.

2. What will our costs be now and in the future?

Our service is tailored to your business so the cost all depends on the volume of data you are backing up, and the speed in which you’d require access to the data in a DR scenario. We have two classifications: warm and cold; warm where we would automatically restore the last successful backup in preparation for DR being invoked, and cold where backed up data would need to be restored before invoking the DR of the protected server.

Should your volume of data grow, additional costs for securing it would apply. Should your business continuity dictate a low recovery time objective (RTO) in the event of DR, the DR service can be added at any time.

​ 3. What Cloud security measures are in place?

Data is encrypted before leaving your computers, is encrypted in transit, and also at rest in our two geographically dispersed datacentres – the encryption used is Military grade AES 256. This ensures that your data is secure at all points of the backup and recovery process.

Our datacentres carry multiple accreditations including:

  • ISO 27001.
  • ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001.
  • OHSAS 18001.
  • EU Code of conduct for data centres.
  • PCI DSS.
  • Carbon Trust Standard.
  • The Green Grid.

RISC IT Solutions is a recognised Data Controller listed on the UK Data Protection Register under registration number Z6882260 for compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

4. What user security measures are in place?

A secure encryption key is provided to each backup account that only customers have access to; Risc IT staff are unable to access your data.

5. How and where is our data and systems stored and backed up?

Our two geographically dispersed datacentres both reside in the UK and are sufficiently separated.

6. What is the service availability and quality?

We endeavour to achieve 100% service availability. As such we offer a service-level agreement which dictates that should availability of the service drop below 99.5%, a service credit would be given to our customers representing 25% of total costs per month.

Should service ever drop below 95% (which it never has) we would refund 75% of monthly fees!

7. Do you follow industry best practices and industry standards?

Yes. Encryption, data validation, data versioning (giving the option to restore an historic version of the same file), accreditations, location of data (i.e. UK for UK customers) are all adhered to.

8. Are your systems and processes checked and certified?

Our ongoing ISO accreditations, our commitment to the Investors in People program, being a founder member of CIF (Cloud Industry Forum), and an active EuroCloud member all necessitate continual evaluation.

9. Can I easily get my system and data out?

Yes. You can access your data at any time via our web access portal or via the application on your device providing you have your encryption key because, as mentioned, we don’t!

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Please note:For the last 18 years our backup service, Clunk Click Online Pro, has been powered by the Redstor platform. However, going forward, Risc IT will be adopting the Redstor Backup Pro brand name. Don’t worry – it’s the same product, just with a different name.