Catch threats before they disrupt your business

We all use email. It’s one of the most powerful forms of communication and collaboration, but it’s also the most prolific source of attacks that we're seeing today.

Even the savviest users are finding it difficult to distinguish between malicious emails, links and attachments as they've become more sophisticated in their delivery and look credible.

To combat the rise in phishing attempts we recommend all Office 365 users adopt Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It's a simple cost effective solution that scans all emails proactively and takes the risk out of any human error when opening a malicious email.

ATP for 80p

With human error accounting for nearly all compromises, specifically people clicking on malicious links, it makes sense to add a level of protection to your business for when people are busy or distracted.

For a limited time we are offering a trial of ATP for a fraction of the cost - ATP for 80p. *

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Each month around 1 billion items are detonated with Advanced Threat Protection. ATP protects your business proactively through the following:

  • Eliminates email from known malicious sources
  • Removes email from non-authentic domains
  • Scans and detonates malicious URLs and attachments

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* Terms and Conditions

Eighty pence per licence, per user + VAT for the first month. One pound fifty per user, per month + VAT thereafter. Should you need assistance with set up usual technical services charges will apply.

The licences must be on for one full calendar month, including any pro-rata charges for part of a month. If you wish to cancel the service after the initial one month period please inform us by email prior to your next invoice.


Who is ATP intended for?

We recommend ATP for every user in every organisation because malicious email can affect anybody.

How does it know that the links and attachments are malicious?

Links and attachments are detected as malicious through methods such as sender authentication, sender reputation, and message content. Microsoft do not release in depth details as this could allow the security measures to be bypassed.

What happens if ATP blocks an email that's not malicious?

Administrators can choose what will happen to email that is detected as illegitimate - some might choose to have the email move to users' junk, delete the email, or they might operate a quarantine that's maintained by a system administrator. If they're deleted or quarantined, links and attachments that contain malicious material are completely inaccessible by the end user, but can be restored by administrators if absolutely necessary. Microsoft are constantly working to improve their service, and decrease the amount of false positives, whilst still ensuring absolute protection.

I don't use Exchange for my email, can I still use ATP?

Unfortunately not. If you're not using Exchange, we'd highly recommend you swap!

Can you help me set ATP up, and does this have a cost?

Yes and yes - we can help you set up ATP, but this will incur a small Professional Services charge. We can provide you with instructions if you wish to set it up yourself.